What is MissionSeek?

MissionSeek is a ministry of Missions Interlink, the Australian network for global mission. Through Missions Interlink, organisations collaborate to support and assist Australian Christians to be effectively engaged in cross-cultural and global mission. It is God’s mission.

The purpose of MissionSeek is to provide a platform that not only brings current opportunities in cross-cultural mission together in one searchable portal, but also connects those seeking their place in God’s mission with mission agencies that fit their mission preferences.

Mission Agencies

All Australian mission agencies listed on MissionSeek are affiliated with Missions Interlink and subscribe to the Missions Interlink Standards. They are organisations of all sizes working in countries all over the world.


Opportunities are posted by participating mission agencies and can be searched by Role, Region, Organisation, and Time Commitment. Each opportunity is listed for a maximum of six months.

Short Term Trips

This list provides easy access to information about a range of short term mission or exposure trips.

Personal Profiles

Australian Christians searching for mission opportunities are invited to register and submit a personal profile. Their profile will then be matched with organisations that fit their mission preferences. If desired, these agencies will be alerted to the match so they can make contact.